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A timeless classic - The "Authentic Lo Pro" by VANS

The eventful history of Vans and their connection to the skate and surf culture began in 1966 in Southern California. With just a single model, Vans adventured oneself on the shoe and sneaker market, and this courage should be rewarded. Amongst skaters and sneaker fans it is a well known fact that this model was called "Authentic", and in the course of time the "Authentic" by Vans became one of the most popular Vans skate shoes ever. Its design is sleek, stylish and effective: a low-top sneaker with classic lacing, made of sturdy canvas and with the well-proven tough waffle-grip outsole.
The "Authentic Lo Pro" by Vans is a stylish old school sneaker, that is reissued by Vans regularly to provide you with fresh colors and new styles. Whether you wear it for skating, or simply to adorn your foot with it - choose your favorite color from our Vans Store and order it online right now at Numelo!


Authentic Lo Pro by Vans - Choose now and buy directly!


Product Details:

  • Timeless Oldschool Sneaker
  • Simple, Classical Design
  • Comfortable Fit
  • High Wearing Comfort
  • Sturdy Waffle-Grip Sole
  • Upper: Canvas
  • Many Different Colors
  • Available in Ladies and Men Sizes
  • Single Stitched Toe Cap
  • Foamed Midsole
  • Soft Insole
  • High-quality Finish