Nooka Spring 2011 Collection

Spring Nooka Zubs

Spring Nooka Mercury

For their spring collection, Nooka has experimented with the process of cross-breeding. After much analysis, they have chosen their best selling colors in hopes of creating their first hybrid Zub and Mercury line. The new collection features a combination of both parent colors to produce unexpected results.

Spring Nooka AO

In addition to the new spring colors, Nooka has released a new version of the Nooka AO, which is significantly wider than its predecessor. The enlarged dimensions allow the user to store cash via one simple fold, while still making it pocket friendly. The new piece also features a more sophisticated closure that no longer uses a strap. The new containers will feature a hood that tucks into part of the wallet for more security and durability. The new AO also comes with a removable insert, thus providing even more storage space. The 6 new colors allow the user to mix and match colors to create a fashionable, futuristic accessory. All of the spring collection is available for purchase at

Source: Nooka Noozletter

Nooka Yogurt

Nooka Yogurt

Nooka is excited to introduce „Yogurt“, Nooka’s first circular design. It will utilize soft and flexible polyurethane, making it similar to the Nooka ZUB line of watches. The display incorporates digital hexagons that comprise the hour in the middle while the minutes circle the outer display of the watch. This watch will feature sleep mode, a 12 and 24 hour display mode and will be available in 6 different „flavors“: blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, lime, plain (white), and non-fat (clear). Available for pre-order from

Source: Nooka Noozletter

Nooka Yogurt

Nooka x Paid Dues – Design your own Watch Competition

Nooka Inc. is proud to be a partner for the Paid Dues Independent Hip Hop Festival 2011. Presented by Murs in association with Guerilla Union, on April 2, 2011, Mos Def and Talib Kweli will reprise their roles as Black Star for a very special reunion show, as well as Immortal Technique and Murs will headline the event. Nooka has collaborated with Guerilla Union to produce a collaborative limited edition Paid Dues watch that will be available to 150 festival attendees. For details on how to get a hold on one of these watches, go to In addition, Nooka and Guerilla Union will host a competition for Paid Dues fans to customize their own timepiece that will be produced.

For more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity, be sure to check here!
For more information on Paid Dues Festival 2011, visit
To purchase tickets, go to

Source: Nooka Noozletter

Nooka x Collaborations 2011

Nooka has teamed up with a variety of companies and artists, ranging from MTV to Nickelodeon, to create unique time-pieces. MTV’s Retro-Pop themed watch features a white headphone graphic on a black polyurethane band, while their Carnival timepiece utilizes a playful and exciting theme with their vibrant purple and orange colors. Each unique pattern is displayed on a Nooka Zub 38mm watch. These collaborations are limited editions, so get them while they last.

Source: Nooka Newsletter

NOOKA Match me: Zab Zayu x Air Jordan 11 „Cool Grey“

The Zub Zayu in grey is the perfect complement to perhaps one of the most highly anticipated Jordans of all time is being re-release December 23rd, the Air Jordan 11 „Cool Grey“. Look for this limited run at your local sneaker boutique.

Source: Nooka Noozletter

KEAPHOPE x NOOKA collaboration video

KeapHope collective produced a short video – a dope ride with some sweet Nooka gear through New York City. They captured the true essence of the Nooka Strip (belt), the versatility of it, the ability to add appeal to any outfit as well as the unique mechanisms that reinvented an everyday item by improving functionality. Created and Directed by Dan Dealy, Gustavo Roman and Jamie Falkowski. Editing courtesy of Gustavo Roman. Featuring Tiga’s „Turn the Night On“.

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Nooka Music Skins

Nooka has created a second generation of Nooka music skins, featuring four brand new graphics to customize everyone’s music and mobile devices. The new styles are influenced by nooka’s new and existing collections, drawing inspiration from the Zem, Hearts, Stars and Infinity designs. The Nooka skins are compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 3g and iPhone 4.

Source: Nooka Noozletter

Nooka Holiday Zub 2010

Nooka has released their nooest colors for Holiday 2010! The new collection will feature six new colors, inspired by terrestrial minerals – Smoky Quartz, Azurite, Purpurite, Resinite, Red Beryl, and Malachite. Following the success of the Nooka two-toned timepieces, unique gold and silver metallic faces will be incorporated in their popular displays. The resonant combination of colors is perfect for the holiday season and will harmonize with everyone’s unique look.

Source: Nooka Noozletter


Made out of plush Elk suede, FEIT’s new line of limited edition shoes matches Nooka’s own new line of fall color watches. Both items feature earthly color tones and simple designs. Nooka’s new colors feature silver or gold faces on a material themed color band. FEIT’s shoes can be seen at

Source: Nooka Noozletter


Similar to Nooka’s W Hotel, world cities inspired, series of watches, Nike along with SneakerBR, have developed a special limited edition collection of Dunk Low sneaker inspired by Brazil. Each of the five sneakers features a bright color and a custom sole design inspired by five geographic regions of Brazil.

Source: Nooka Noozletter